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i_would_eat_it's Journal

But Please Just Pet
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

The Synopsis:

You know how you see the most adorable and ridiculous little creatures on the Internet, and you think you have to post them on your journal as your only outlet of expression? Free up some journal space, animal-lovers! You can post them here now, and we will appreciate it more than just your average journal friends.

Please remember that some animals are inherently cuter than others. Also keep in mind that if I just wanted to see a kitten lying in a dirty clothes hamper, I could go to ratemykitten and get the job done. There better be a tongue sticking out or something.

Our Mascot, Happy Cat:

Moderator/Creator: eskwire
Mascot Inspiration: captaincanada

Now accepting additional suggestions for the interest list.

The Rules:

  • One picture per post.
  • No LiveJournal cuts or links.
  • Cut down on the kittens.
  • Make the pictures an appropriate size or die.
  • Humans are ugly and don't belong here. Babies included.
  • Your post will be rejected if it does not adhere to the above. Surry.

The Reward:

If you receive the following community stamp, you have posted something truly awesome. Your post will be added to the community memories under "Hall of Awesome."

The Disclaimer:

In honor of our first banned member, ruxpin_exe, I inform you of my right to ban freely.

The Advertisement:

We have a sister picture community full of pictures that are less than cute. In fact, they're pretty fucking gory. i_would_beat_it